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Leilah D

Age 14
Berkeley, CA

I have been making art for as long as I can remember, and have experimented with many different mediums. I especially enjoy sketching portraits with graphite pencils, but I also love using watercolors, acrylics, and making mixed media collages.

Raya T

Age 16
Tzfat, Israel

I was very young when I started creating artwork, I got serious when I was 12. I draw and paint things that I love, especially animals and nature. I like using a lot of color. My biggest inspiration is my mother, who is an incredible artist.

Meira T

Age 13
Tzfat, Israel

I always made art. I like to draw and paint with pastels, and acrylic. I make whatever I feel like making. I like using bold strong colors and strokes because I love expressing myself in a big way. I get inspired by emotions, my own and others.

Daniel S

Age 14
Mitspeh, Israel

I have been doing art since age zero. But I have started to make art seriously at age twelve.
I create digital art. I get really inspired by looking at other people’s digital art creations. Seeing other art helps me want to do more myself.

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