Empowering young artists around the world!

Piqart is an online platform that allows young artists to safely and easily sell their artwork, while sharing their precious vision and inspiration with the world. 

At Piqart, we believe that young people beautify the world.
We believe that when young artists share and sell their art online, they build self-confidence, develop their art and business skills, and use the internet towards positive goals. Let yourself be inspired by these kids’ vision and talent!

I’m Shani Servetter, Piqart’s founder. I’ve always had a passion for art. Back in 2008, I opened an art gallery in a popular tourist town, which went on to welcome thousands of visitors annually, and share amazing art talent with the world. At the same time, my children were growing up and creating their own masterpieces. Their creativity and talent was the impetus to make Piqart a reality. 


PIQART endeavors to:

  • Be the World’s Premier Marketplace for art by young artists
  • Foster a safe online community that lovingly supports and empowers all young artists around the world
  • Encourage entrepreneurship in young people
  • Create a free, easy-to-use online platform for young artists to sell their artwork
  • Bring fresh inspiration and vision to all the boring adults out there 😉
  • Bring the most talented young artists of the world together

How it works:

We conduct open art contests with awesome prizes for young artists (under 18). Art will be judged based on creativity, uniqueness, talent, use of color, and message. Winners and runners-up are determined by our team of judges. 
When we launch our main site in early 2019, as a young artist, you can create your own PIQART store and become part of the PIQART community to start making money online with your art!
And for all you art lovers out there, you will find amazing art from young artists around the world to have in your home, office, or for gifts.

“Youth is the engine of the world.”
– Matisyahu

Our team:

Shani Servetter, Founder

Shani Servetter is from San Diego, California, where he has been inspired by waves of the Pacific Ocean. He is the father of five children and four step-children. Shani believes in the innate creative power found in all young people to remind us all that life is precious and awesome. His favorite song is “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong who says,
“I hear babies crying, I watch them grow
They’ll learn much more than I’ll never know
And I think to myself what a wonderful world.”

Dave Phelan, Business Development

Dave Phelan is based in Baltimore, Maryland where he also runs his own company, Founders Approach. Always a smile on his face, and ready to help, Dave is the voice of experience and practicality on our team. He keeps us in line when we float into dreamland. His support and persistence are invaluable.


Erez Weiner, Web Development and Design

Erez Weiner is a senior engineer with extensive experience in software development, team leading and project management. Erez likes sports, mostly team sports, and the beauty of a team of individuals cooperating for a mutual goal, where each individual brings in his/her own special skill

Ariella Potter, Youth Experience Expert

Ariella Potter is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is certified Play Therapist, with a focus on art. Her input is key when it comes to UX for our young artists. She makes sure that play comes to work everyday! In her spare time, Ariella loves to play her harp and keep Dusty, her cat out of trouble.

Contact us:

You may call 8:00 am – 4:00 pm EST

1706 North Park Drive #3,
Wilmington DE 19806 USA