For Parents:

What information does Piqart collect from my child and how is it used?

At Piqart, we want both artists and customers to have a positive and safe experience on our platform. We collect information that facilitates sharing artwork and the stories behind the artwork from young artists around the world. We also collect information necessary to make sure that artists get paid.

We want customers to know the most they can about the artists and their amazing artwork, without jeopardizing the privacy or safety of our artists. As such we collect the artist’s name (or fictional user name – last name will never be made public, but may be used for our internal use), city (or general area, if you prefer) and country (so that customers can know where the artist is coming from), date of birth (we will only share the artist’s age publicly, i.e. “Age 11”), a profile picture which the artist chooses, (this could be an animation or a drawing, or image of choice, or an optional actual photo, artists also have the option to upload a video describing their art and their process and vision if they choose, we may collect an email (for customer service use only, will never be made public, or shared with third parties), we also collect any short biographical information that the artist wishes to share to enhance the story behind their artwork.

Please see our Privacy Policy and Children’s Privacy Policy for further information.

Which personal information will be made public?

The only personal information about the artist that is made public for customers to see is their first name and last initial (i.e. John D., though you can choose to use an Artist’s fictional username instead, i.e, Van Gogh Jr.), their city (or general area, if you prefer) and country, their age, a profile image of the artist’s choice, optionally a short video describing their artwork and process and vision, and a short bio that the artist chooses to share. Any and all forms of contact information are never made public or shared with third parties.

Please see our Privacy Policy and Children’s Privacy Policy for further information.

Will my child be safe on Piqart?

Yes. Your child’s safety is our primary concern. If you have any concerns please contact us immediately at info@piqart.com.

Can my child interact with strangers on Piqart?

No, absolutely not. There is no way for any site users or visitors to contact or interact with young artists on our platform, or vice versa.

Is Piqart COPPA and GDPR compliant?

We have meticulously made every effort to be compliant.

What is my PayPal account used for?

We use the parent’s PayPal account email to make payments to the artist for art sales. Minors are legally prevented from making legal financial transactions and contracts, so we make payments into your account, and trust that you will supervise its use and distribution of Piqart sales income to your child at your discretion.

How do I give consent for my child to use Piqart?

You can give consent for your child to use Piqart here. The process is simple, and is necessary to verify parental consent. Our process is according to COPPA standards, so in order to verify your consent, you will be sent an email notification and you authorize your child’s use. You will be prompted to choose from one of three easy options to verify. You can either print out a consent form, sign it, and email it back to us, or call on our toll-free number and speak to a trained representative, or do a credit card transaction for $1 that will be immediately refunded once you are verified, (preferred method – it is automated and fastest).

Do I need to supervise my child to use Piqart?

We make every effort to make Piqart a safe and user-friendly platform for users of all ages. That said, you are still officially legally responsible to supervise and approve of your child’s actions on Piqart.

See our Terms of Use for more information.

For artists:

What type of artwork may I submit?

Graphic designs, drawings, paintings, or photographs.

Do I keep the rights to my artwork?

Yes! Your original artwork always remains yours. You have the right to sell it, print it, or share it however you like. By using Piqart, you are giving Piqart the right to sell prints of your artwork for you, and you will be paid for those sales.

How do I upload my artwork?

For full instructions about uploading and image specs, see here.

How do I create a digital image of my artwork?

Watch PiqArt’s tutorial video for instructions on how to make a digital image of your artwork with your smartphone.

For preferred image dimensions and instructions, click here.

What are the size and quality requirements for artwork digital image upload?

For preferred image dimensions and instructions, click here.

Will large quality files be visible publicly?

No. Only low-quality images are visible publicly, so that customers can get an idea of what they are buying. High-quality images are kept safe by Piqart and used only for printing when your art is sold. 

What age do the artists need to be? Artists need to be under the age of 18 when the artwork is submitted.

How do I get paid for sales of my artwork?

You will get paid 20% of the sales price from your artwork sale. Keep in mind that Piqart takes care of all production costs, marketing costs, and logistical costs involved in selling your artwork. 

Piqart pays all artists bi-monthly, (every 60 days), to the PayPal account provided upon registration.


Who can enter?

Artists must be under 18 years of age to submit art to the contest, and have the consent and supervision of their parent.

What are the prizes?

First Prize: $200 cash, 2nd Prize: $100 cash, Runners up: $25 gift cards for Blick Art Supplies! (4 available).

All participants receive valuable coupons for art supplies from participating retailers.

A few will win cash prizes.

What type of art can I submit?

Graphic designs, drawings, paintings, or photographs.

How is the artwork judged?

Artwork is judged according to uniqueness, use of color, inspiration, interesting subject matter, and story and vision behind the artwork.

Can the art be any subject matter?

Yes, though inappropriate submissions will be disqualified. See contest rules for more info.

For Customers:

How long will it take to receive my order?

We take about 2-7 business days to create apparel products (t-shirts etc.) and 2-5 business days for non-apparel (posters etc.) products. Then add shipping times on top of that.

97.66% of our orders are shipped within 5 business days. More than half of our orders are shipped within 3 business days or less.

What is your return policy?

Your satisfaction and happiness is our primary concern. If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, we’re here to help. You can return any item within 30 days from the date you received it. To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it.