Making your Artwork Digital

If your artwork is in graphic design or photography, it should already be digital, and ready to  prepare to upload to Piqart. However, many of you will have artwork such as a drawing, or a painting, and you will have to create digital images of your artwork. This task is fairly simple, and all you need is a smartphone (or digital camera) with a camera which is 6 megapixels or higher quality. Most phones today are higher quality than that. The higher the quality, the better, so try to use the best phone camera in your household, (with your parents’ permission of course). You can also use a scanner, if your artwork is small enough to fit in the scanner. When creating your digital image, make sure your phone camera or scanner is set to the highest quality to ensure a digital image that is large enough (in pixels) to print from.

Take a picture in the natural daylight outside, but in the shade, to make the best digital image to work with. The best is to use the shade of an outside wall. You want to make your artwork as flat as possible. Make sure to center the camera above your artwork and keep a steady hand when taking the shot. (You can also use a tripod to help you get a good shot).

After taking the photo, we recommend downloading the free Snapseed app onto your smartphone to work with your image once you have captured it. You will want to use Snapseed to crop it, and probably use “perspective” and “tune image” to make your digital image look awesome and prepare it to save and upload to Piqart.

For full instructions about creating your digital image from your painting or drawing, watch this tutorial video.

Dimensions and Format for Uploading

When uploading your images to Piqart we prefer big, high-resolution original files because they make excellent prints.

By big, we actually mean the number of pixels in a file.

The file size (in MB) is actually not the best way to know if a file will work for printing on Piqart. For example, an image can a file size of 3.09 MB (quite small) and a resolution of 3770×1970 (reasonably large). Interesting, right? A file that may look quite small is actually totally suitable for printing at large sizes, all because of those pixels.

In general, images that are approximately 3500 x 5000 pixels in size should be sufficiently large for the purpose of printing Piqart products.

Please note that larger sized designs will be scaled down to fit the smaller dimensions, but smaller designs will not be scaled up.